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MUS MUS is all about dreams... We create pyjamas and bed linen that first of all are comfortable, soft and pleasant to the touch. Our clothes have no irritating tags or protruding seams which makes them great for sensory-sensitive kids. We want our patterns and drawings to stimulate children’s imagination and bring beautiful and inspiring dreams. Our unique graphics have been drawn by American and Polish illustrators.

W o o d l a n d   s t o r i e s is a collection of underwear, pyjamas and bedlinen that is inspired by a forest, not garish, but a little bit wild and ambiguous. Don't look for ready-made sets. Pyjamas tops and bottoms can be freely combined to suit your own taste. We will help you a little, but the final decision is yours.

We use organic cotton that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. It is guaranteed that the cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. No child labour is used on plantations and the workers are not exposed to pesticide poisoning. Organic cotton is an ethical product - free from the forced labour of adults and children. It is also a safe product - the fabric does not contain any chemicals. This way it does not cause allergies or asthma. It is durable and pleasant to the touch - the cotton is harvested by hand, so there is no need for chemical cleaning which weakens the fibers. The cultivation of organic cotton does not affect local ecosystems, does not cause water pollution and does not adversely affect workers' health.

We want everything related to MUS MUS to have an ecological twist. Therefore most of paper and accessories used in our office have been recycled. Our packagings are 100% biodegradable. Our clothes and bedlinen are packed in cardboard boxes not covered by any coatings. Envelopes for the temporary tattoos, clothes' labels and posters are made from recycled paper. We select small local establishments where quality is more important than quantity.
We are glad that you have found MUS MUS. Let us take you to the land of dreams. Fall in love with the wild eyes of a wolf or the caring eyes of a bear. Let the moose mutter you to sleep...
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