Transparency of price

"Why the bedlinen is so expensive?"

Most of you probably think that our profit is the biggest expense... That is not quite correct...

We think that our customers have right to know what are the components of the product price.

In the case of MUS MUS bedlinen it looks like on the picture below:


The big expense is the fabric imported from Turkey by us, because such a wooven fabric made of organic cotton is unavailable in Poland.

Then the fabric is printed in Poland. We use a digital print that is very high quality, permanent and imperceptible to the touch.

MUS MUS bedlinen is made in Poland  by local craftsmen. Accessories are choosen carefully - we are looking for best solutions - f.ex. hidden zippers in duvet covers are ordered in a renowned and best brand on the market - YKK.

We try to create our products in etic and eco-cautiously. We want our activity to have minimal impact on the environment. Production costs are the result of our prudent and good choices.

If You like to buy very high quality bedlinen, made without any unnecessary chemicals and in etical way  - welcome to us!:)


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