Today I invite You to... a landfill :) It will not be an easy and pleasant trip, but it is very important what you do with your unwanted textiles. The worst thing you can do is to throw the old clothes in the waste bin.

The estimates of thrown garments are scary...

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Buy Less and Better

It’s said we have 4 times more clothes than our parents.

Why? Because clothes now can be extremely affordable. It is estimated that more than 80 billion new items of clothing are produced each year. Finally, this huge amount of clothes goes into a landfill. Do you know that only in UK about 1 million clothes go to a landfill each year?!

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"Bear butterflies hunting"

Some books may be read both by kids and adults. "Bear butterflies hunting" is one of those books.

The story is simple, it seems like nothing will happen but just after a few pages we realize how powerful being good and kind is and that what goes around comes all the way back around...


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An apple tree

All of us have such places that we go back to in our memories. Sometimes even a well-known but long forgotten scent or a small detail take us back into the past.

I have recently travelled to such a place and this way – to my childhood days.

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On the beach we take only the imagination

Today we're going to the seaside! It doesn't matter that there is no sun. It doesn't matter that it is drizzling. It is so pleasantly empty ...

Girls dressed in pajamas, they could wear the whole day ... Who cares! It's holidays!


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