Terms and conditions


1.1. Owner of the online shop available under URL: www.musmus.pl (to be referred to as “e-shop”) is:

Paweł Jurczak
Ul. Konduktorska 8/15, 00-775 Warsaw Poland

NIP PL8481707437
REGON 0366597402

To be referred to as “Seller”.

1.2. E-shop is conducting sales of goods using Internet.

1.3. Buyer of goods offered in e-shop is an adult private person or a business entity, to be referred to as Customer.

1.4 Customer ordering goods via Internet webpage www.musmus.pl is establishing a sales agreement (as understood by Civil Code) between the Seller and the Customer.

§ 2. OFFER

2.1. Subjects of transaction are products available in e-shop offer at the moment of ordering.

2.2. Prices of products mentioned in e-shop offer are presented in PLN include VAT (e-shop polish version) and Euro (e-shop english version).

2.3. Binding price is the one shown in e-shop next to a chosen product at the moment of ordering. E-shop is holding the right to change product prices mentioned in the offer, introduce new products to the offer as well as conduct, cancel or change promotional offers on e-shop webpage.

§ 3. ORDER

3.1. Condition for proper completion of the purchase is proper ordering.

3.2. An order can be placed through webpage www.musmus.pl or via e-mail sent to sklep@musmus.pl

3.3. After the order is made Customer receives e-mail requesting confirmation of order. Additionally staff of e –shop may contact a Customer via telephone to confirm the order personally.

3.4. Order is accepted for completion only when Customer confirms it in accordance to instructions. In case of lack of confirmation within 7 days, the order is automatically cancelled.

3.5. In case any inaccuracies or mistakes are noticed in request of order confirmation, the Customer should contact e-shop under contact e-mail sklep@musmus.pl

3.6. Offer of e-shop presented on webpage www.musmus.pl does not represent e-shops warehouse stock availability.
3.7. Order is delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the confirmed order.

3.8. E-shop bares no responsibility for order completion problems (including delays in delivery or failure to deliver) when resulting from faulty or incomplete shipment address given by Customer.


4.1. Orders completion is operated in 2-6 working days (information is given on e-shop website)

4.2. Acceptance for order completion begins:

a) when paying with a bank transfer – after proper amount is booked on e-shop bank account;

b) when paying with a PayPal – after transaction is authorized;

c) when paying with a PayU – after transaction is authorized.

4.3. E-shop holds the right to:

a) cancel an order if the order form is filled incorrectly;

b) deny completion of the order in case the order rises doubts or suspicions.

4.4. Number of products offered for sales promotions is limited and completion of orders is realized in accordance with sequence of confirmations, until the stock offered for promotional sales is depleted.

4.5. For every order e-shop attaches ecological e-invoice (VAT invoice) via e-mail on e-mail address provided in the order form. Invoices are drawn when an order is completed and prepared for shipment.

4.6. Changes in shipment or resignations should be placed via e-mail under sklep@musmus.pl

4.7. A Customer can cancel only via e-mail under sklep@musmus.pl. Customer cannot cancel and order that has been already shipped.
4.8. In case a product or products placed in an order are not available in MUS MUS warehouse and it is not possible to have them delivered from subcontractors in time given for completion of an order, e-shop will inform a Customer under e-mail address provided in the order form, requesting a decision on further actions to be undertaken for completion of an order.
4.9. In case the e-shop is informed that completion of the whole order or part of the order is not possible, it will inform the Customer and wait for the customer decision.


Customer can choose one of the following payment options for the order:

a) traditional bank transfer

b) online payment via Przelewy24 transfer systems;

Rules and regulations of online payments made with PayU including complaint resolution procedure are available at https://www.przelewy24.pl/

b) PayPal transfer system


(incompatibility of product vs. agreement)

7.1. In case of a filed complaint e-shop has 14 (fourteen) days to come to a decision and inform a Customer about further actions to be undertaken;

7.2. To be regarded valid a complaint needs to include product in question together with proof of purchase and description of the complaint.
7.3. In case a complaint is considered in favor of the Customer e-shop will repair or replace product in question to one of full value or, if replacement or reparation is not possible, will refund full price of the product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days starting with day of complaint consideration.
7.4. Customer holds the right to file a complaint within 1 (one) year from purchase under condition that any detected agreement vs. product incompatibility is reported to e-shop in writing or via e-mail within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the incompatibility is detected.


8.1. When registering in e-shop Customer agrees that the Seller will process their personal data required for completion of orders placed in e-shop. Lack of agreement for data processing hinders completion of an order. Customer bares responsibility if given data is invalid or incorrect.

8.2. Personal data is protected in accordance with Act on Personal Data Protection passed on August 29th1997(Journal of Laws 2002, No 101 pos. 926) in a manner that prevents access of any third parties.

8.3. According to the Act mentioned above, Customers hold the right to verify, correct or claim to delete their data.


9.1. Presenting products in e-shop offer does not indicate their availability in stock and feasibility of completing the order.
9.2. Products presented on e-shop webpage are not recognized by the Civil Code as an Offer.
9.3. E-shop is not responsible for any problems with delivery of e-mails to e-mail addresses given by Customers including: blocking mailboxes or particular e-mails by server administrators, deleting or blocking e-mails by a software installed on Customers computers.

9.4. Any differences between visualization of the product available in e-shop and the physical product resulting from Customers screen settings (color, proportions etc.) cannot be considered as proof of incompatibility in a complaint or claim for refund.
9.5. E-shop involves maximum effort to make the content of offer consistent with reality. Considering possible errors when updating the offer (pricing list, configuration etc) any possible incompatibilities will be corrected ding completion of the order.

9.6. Prices available on e-shop webpage are only valid for Internet offer.

9.7. Any matters not recognized in the Terms of Use will be subjected to Polish Laws and Regulations, especially Civil Code, Acts on Special Terms of Consumer Sales and changes in Civil Code (Journal of Laws 2002, No 141 pos.1176) and Act on Protection of Selected Consumer Rights and Responsibility for Damage Caused by a Dangerous Product (Journal of Laws 2000, No 22 pos. 271).

9.8. All names of products used in e-shop offer are used for identification and might be protected or registered in accordance with Act on Laws of Economic Property (Journal of Laws 2003, No 119 pos. 1117).

9.9. Hereby Terms of Use come into effect on 20th of April 2016.

9.10. E-shop holds the Wright to change the Terms of Use. Any changes of hereby Terms and Conditions of sales come into effect on the day of their appearance on www.musmus.pl webpage. Any orders placed before hereby Terms of Use came into effect, will be completed in accordance with previous Terms of Use.  


In case of any questions and remarks please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail under sklep@musmus.pl.

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